Our last day in Valguta

Ok I know its strang to start with our last day in Estonia...but it was such a special day!

In the morning we dug out the mud around the gazebo to ensure that when it rained the mud would not slide down the hill and into the gazebo. I think I can safely say I never want to see a shovel again! The chief held a tea and cake party for us in his home with his family. We watched the video of our adventurous two weeks, we had a great laugh reliving the moments and he gave us all a copy.

We were invited to the local primary school “graduation ceremony,” where students are presented with flowers from their teachers and family to congratulate them. Some students received books, others sang in a choir, and some students had little speeches prepared. At the end of the ceremony we were called up and presented with presents, the pack included a Rongu t-shirt, to remind us of our time. The Mayor said a few words about the very special bus stop in Valguta. He encouraged everyone to visit the bus stop!

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